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21st Century Workplace
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In-class: Tuesdays (T); Online: Thursdays (TH)

Week 1 In Class (T)



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Overview of:

Forces shaping the workplace

Trends and challenges

Career clusters and pathways

Building block model: putting all the pieces for success together

US Dept of Labor

Week 1 Online (TH)

Jobs and Machines
Assignment: Listen to the three following TedTalks. Take notes! Once you have viewed all three, write a two-paragraph (8 sentences per paragraph) response to the Ted Talks responding to this question: Based on what you have learned in these three TedTalks, how do you think will machines of the future affect jobs of the future? You must use two quotes from each TedTalk as evidence to support your opinion. Submit through Googledocs. Be sure to share with me!

Week 2: Labor Market Trends In Class (T)

With a partner, 
What's Hot in CT/ What's Not
Identify the following:
  1. What occupation had the highest hourly rate in CT? What was the rate? In what town or area of the state?
  2. What occupation had the largest number of people employed in 2000?
  3. What industries employ people in the occupation?
  4. What information surprised you and why.

On Your Own:
Identify a part of the state in which you'd like to work.
choose two occupations you would be interested in learning more about.
Use the Labor Market link to learn more about the occupation, pay in each part of the state.
Record responses on Googledocs and share with me.

Week 2 Online (TH)



Watch the following short videos, then respond to the following on Googledocs. Remember to share!

Trends A

Trends B

Trends C

Trends D

Skills E

1. What three things surprised you the most?

2. What did you already know?

3.  How might what you learned through these videos alter your plans for your career? Explain.

Week 3 In class (T)

Evolving 21st Century Workplace and the American Workforce

After reading, respond to the following questions:

  1. What are three major trends influencing the future of work that are identified in the article?
  2. Why are low- and middle-skilled jobs shrinking?
  3. What policies need to change to respond to the needs of employers and employees?

Create a chart to identify the 16 nationally recognized career clusters and the 34 related career pathways. Use the following as resources:

Choose one of the areas that is of interest to you.
Go to the CT Department of Labor labor market information site and Career poster that corresponds with your area of interest: Labor Market

On Googledocs, write a reflection of your short and long term goals for advancing up the career ladder in your selected area. Include things such as:  education, certificates, continuing education, necessity to move, any possible limitations, any thoughts about overcoming limitations, etc. BE SURE TO SHARE WITH ME WHEN YOU'RE DONE AT:

Week 3 Online (TH)

Work Essentials Unit 1: Finding A Job 

Finding Jobs Online 
Job Applications 
Communicating with Employers 

Week 4 In Class (T) Identifying Skills
Skills Identification charts
Things I Am Good At
Skills Worksheet

Week 4 Online (TH)
Watch this interview:
Write a 3-paragraph reflection about at least three points Anthony Carnevale makes.
Share your reflection with me on Googledocs.

Week 5 in Class (TH) Creating a Resume
Overview: Resume
Completing a resume

Week 5 Online(TH) Job Interviews
Finish your resume and share with me through Googledocs.

Watch/read these short materials and take notes about the five points you thought were most important. Bring notes to class. Be prepared to discuss these in class.

Week 6 In Class (T): Job Interviews
Class discussion of homework
Job questions to prepare to answer
Questions to ask

Week 6 Online (TH)

Work Essentials Unit 2: Making A Good Impression 

Enthusiasm and Attitude 
How to Interview 
A Positive Attitude 

Be prepared to be interviewed during  our next class.
Look at this Checklist.
Make sure you look at and prepare to answer these questions most interviewers ask.
Make sure you ask questions of the interviewer
Each of you will be interviewed in class for a grade.

Each of you will be expected to give helpful feedback.

You will be graded on the Interview Rubric.

Week 7 In class (T)
Job interviews and feedback
class discussion on effective interview techniques

Week 7 Online (TH)
Work Essentials Unit 3: Working With Others 
Negotiates to Solve Conflicts 
Creates Positive Customer Experience 

Week 8 In Class (T)


The following are four groups of skills identified as being the most important in the 21st century workplace.

  1. Collaboration and teamwork
  2. Creativity and imagination
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Problem solving
  5. Flexibility and adaptability
  6. Global and cultural awareness
  7. Information literacy
  8. Leadership
  9. Civic literacy and citizenship
  10. Oral and written communication skills
  11. Social responsibility and ethics
  12. Technology literacy
  13. Initiative

For each skill, do the following:

  1. Define it
  2. Give an example of it in practice in the workplace
  3. Explain why you think this skill is considered important for the 21st century workplace.

Submit your responses on Googledocs. Remember to share with me!

There is No "I" in Team Activity

Elements of Teamwork -- An Inventory of Skills

Week 8 Online (TH)

Work Essentials Unit 4: Communication 
Introduction to Communication 
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication 
Responding to Criticism 

Week 9: Problem Solving   In Class (T)
Problem Solving and Communications
  • Stranded
  • Escape
  • How to Make Toast PI, PII, and PIII

Week 9 Online (TH)
Watch: Making Toast and write a response that compares what you learned in the video with what you discovered in the Making Toast exercise in class. Share with me on Googledocs.

Work Essentials Unit 5: Solving Problems At Work 
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 
Finding the Root Cause of the Problem 
Brainstorming Solutions 

Week 10 In Class: Solving Problems at Work (T)
Problem Solving Model
Problem Solving on a Team
Lost at Sea

Week 10  Online:

Soft Skill #1: Communication and Soft Skill #6: Professionalism

Work Essentials Unit 6: Professionalism 
Introduction to Professionalism 
Your Physical Appearance 
A Positive Work Ethic 

Week 11: Ethics  (T)
Praise, Criticism, or Feedback
Workplace Ethics

Week 11 Online (TH)
Jobs Video
Job Values

Write a 3- paragraph reflection about how you consider your own idea of work and a job. Be sure to mention points in these videos. Submit on Googledocs. Be prepared to discuss your thoughts in class

Week 12: Job Values  In Class (T)
Jobs Value Inventory
Work Values Clarification
Prioritizing Job Values
Job Values Inventory Summary

Week 12 Online (TH)
Watch the following short videos:

Week 13: Applying for jobs online  In Class (T)
  • Indeed/Monster
  • Cover Letters
  • thank yous
  • Assignment: Apply for two jobs you find online. Tailor your cover letters to fit those jobs.

Week 13 Online:
On Careeronestop, explore one career you would like to pursue and create a chart that details the following:
1. Pros, Cons, pay, potential for you to be promoted in this career, future job growth as a career, job satisfaction in your opinion, necessary additional education you need, additional skills you might need to gain (learning how to create spreadsheets, for example).
2. Create your own timeline for the steps you need to take to pursue this career. Submit through Googledocs.

Week 14 In Class (T)  Networking and Enthusiasm and Attitude



Written Responses and Reflections

All written responses and reflections should be done on Googledocs and shared with me.

All written responses and reflections must be thoughtful.

All written responses and reflections must make at least three references to specific examples, ideas, and/or comments in the source material.